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Artist's Description

Commission for @Silver Sword of his Lumina meeting Bubble while she was out walking Pebbles and Puppy Love
suggestive145112 artist:askbubblelee1491 oc695017 oc only454679 oc:bubble lee713 oc:lumina moonlight51 dog9641 unicorn330685 anthro263655 unguligrade anthro49100 anthro oc30235 belly button79153 bent over3908 big breasts83403 body freckles952 booty shorts306 breasts281673 busty oc982 chest freckles917 cleavage35027 clothes465669 coat markings4772 commission70156 curved horn6909 curvy6793 dialogue66308 digital art19272 eye clipping through hair5987 eyeshadow15984 female1377873 freckles29398 hand on shoulder334 height difference666 hip freckles97 hooves18005 horn70005 hourglass figure1540 huge breasts38811 implied lesbian3502 larger female774 leash7861 leg freckles47 legs8624 lips1184 lipstick11332 long nails527 looking at each other20702 looking back58419 looking over shoulder3841 makeup21968 mare489136 midriff19525 one eye closed31414 sexy29937 shorts14195 shoulder freckles1066 size difference14536 smiling253245 speech bubble23682 sports bra3291 sports shorts1141 tail wag1086 text60300 thighs14204 thought bubble3483 unicorn oc9801 unshorn fetlocks26124 wide hips17621 wink25102


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