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Artist's Description

Commission for @Silver Sword of his Lumina meeting Bubble while she was out walking Pebbles and Puppy Love
suggestive142856 artist:askbubblelee1469 oc683756 oc only448204 oc:bubble lee713 oc:lumina moonlight51 dog9503 unicorn322657 anthro259934 unguligrade anthro48313 anthro oc29806 belly button77767 bent over3844 big breasts81959 body freckles918 booty shorts293 breasts277394 busty oc953 chest freckles880 cleavage34527 clothes459099 coat markings4546 commission68296 curved horn6717 curvy6666 dialogue65475 digital art18752 eye clipping through hair5569 eyeshadow15586 female1361764 freckles28819 hand on shoulder316 height difference652 hip freckles92 hooves17836 horn67043 hourglass figure1489 huge breasts38256 implied lesbian3457 leash7722 leg freckles40 legs8287 lips1139 lipstick11135 long nails501 looking back57356 makeup21431 midriff19305 one eye closed30644 sexy29377 shorts13954 shoulder freckles1048 smiling247947 speech bubble23273 sports bra3217 sports shorts1099 tail wag1068 text59485 thighs13622 thought bubble3409 unicorn oc8891 unshorn fetlocks25459 wide hips17175 wink24700


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