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Today's prompt: Draw a pony on a journey / Draw a pony hitting the road.

I haven't drawn Applejack for the ATG yet, so I decided to draw her, and for good measure, she's joined by Apple Bloom, so the two of them are having a nice sisters' day out on the road, singing an old classic. =)
safe1723189 artist:blazewing46 apple bloom50091 applejack171245 earth pony255129 pony983605 apple bloom's bow1439 applejack's hat7651 apples to the core90 atg 2021732 bow29157 cloud31212 cowboy hat16271 dirt road81 drawpile128 eyes closed95214 female1377878 grass9867 hair bow15887 happy31610 hat88080 music notes3333 newbie artist training grounds6436 siblings9010 singing6418 sisters9061 sky14473 smiling253250 text60300 wagon928


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