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Today's prompt: Draw a pony on a journey / Draw a pony hitting the road.

I haven't drawn Applejack for the ATG yet, so I decided to draw her, and for good measure, she's joined by Apple Bloom, so the two of them are having a nice sisters' day out on the road, singing an old classic. =)
safe1704176 artist:blazewing27 apple bloom49429 applejack169695 earth pony247902 pony965467 1000 hours in ms paint5801 apple bloom's bow1351 applejack's hat7290 apples to the core90 atg 2021251 bow28538 cloud30662 cowboy hat15806 dirt road79 drawpile111 eyes closed93272 female1361022 grass9643 hair bow15527 happy31181 hat86643 music notes3285 newbie artist training grounds5906 siblings8558 singing6337 sisters8822 sky14121 smiling247655 text59461 wagon918


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