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Trust exercises: Unicorn/Alicorn style.
safe1703876 artist:magicnova76 derpibooru exclusive28349 princess flurry heart7253 oc683067 oc:starfire blaze29 alicorn224011 pony965174 unicorn322124 blaze (coat marking)1330 coat markings4535 colt14888 duo61078 facial markings1752 falling2685 female1360703 filly66467 male371850 offspring38934 older26648 older flurry heart1466 on hind legs32 parent:starlight glimmer1426 parent:sunburst1094 parents:starburst523 simple background392528 socks (coat markings)2640 this might end in pain24 this might not end well14 traditional art117692 white background97584 younger17356


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