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106, Seaborgium
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Because of the Sg chemical symbol, Zarana's forehead features a crescent and five scales arranged in an inverted pentagram (her original form is very much demonic).

SVG here. This is a commission for Rose D. Winters; my commission info can be found here.
safe1704177 artist:parclytaxel1344 oc683269 oc only447925 oc:zarana1 dragon56170 series:joycall6's periodic table120 .svg available8303 absurd resolution66202 black sclera2084 bust49820 chemistry341 commission68195 dragoness8471 ear piercing26190 earring21064 female1361025 horn66891 horn ring5572 jewelry63422 looking at you168171 periodic table201 piercing40991 portrait30940 pun7527 ring3260 seaborgium2 simple background392664 singapore271 smiling247655 solo1062585 vector76803 white background97644


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