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more canon gay horses,,,,,,,still love that they went ahead and made lyrabon canon for the longtime fans, that was super cool! so yeah,,i love giving them a big height difference they cute fkglsl
safe1727900 artist:wanderingpegasus228 bon bon16565 lyra heartstrings29874 sweetie drops16564 classical unicorn4177 earth pony256916 pony988087 unicorn332685 adorabon677 blushing201110 chest fluff40087 cloven hooves10416 coat markings4945 cute202996 eyes closed95661 female1382142 fetlock tuft69 floating heart2744 floppy ears53271 forehead kiss223 freckles29522 heart49202 height difference675 kiss on the head53 kissing25024 leaning forward338 leg fluff3113 leonine tail8960 lesbian98145 lyrabetes1406 lyrabon3382 mare491405 markings1704 open mouth150014 pale belly1211 pink background3090 raised hoof47522 shipping202985 simple background401473 size difference14632 smiling254491 socks (coat markings)2847 standing on two hooves164 unshorn fetlocks26285


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