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1st Picture: >>1635986
2nd Picture: >>1800132
safe1727915 artist:ta-na202 edit134249 editor:itsmgh120327 sunset shimmer63888 equestria girls203279 equestria girls series33640 forgotten friendship5525 adorasexy9976 alcohol7319 arm behind head6545 barefoot28005 beach15412 beach babe693 beautiful5680 beautisexy907 beer1730 belly button79559 bikini18574 bikini babe731 bikini bottom1079 bikini top1804 black swimsuit233 blurry background853 bracelet9683 breasts283647 busty sunset shimmer5554 clothes467515 cloud31349 cute202998 cutie mark48489 cutie mark on clothes2618 eyelashes11584 feet40708 female1382151 high res31179 jewelry65767 lens flare1815 looking at you172258 lounge chair167 lying down18361 midriff19585 ocean6869 on side6758 outdoors11162 praise the sunset37 pun7604 sand2408 sarong1059 sexy30089 shimmerbetes4439 sky14565 sleeveless4595 smiling254496 smiling at you4620 solo1078627 stupid sexy sunset shimmer924 summer1446 sun6801 sunset5482 sunsex shimmer15 swimsuit28938 tan211 visual pun1709 wall of tags3408 water13719


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