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safe1708574 artist:darksly393 princess celestia95113 princess luna99202 alicorn224867 pony969631 atg 2021426 canterlot castle2174 celestia is not amused534 cross-popping veins1637 crown17026 destroyed122 fire11435 flame eyes38 frazzled hair28 injured3327 jewelry63893 moon23497 newbie artist training grounds6119 oops506 regalia20021 s1 luna7286 sheepish grin318 sorry167 this did not end well33 this will end in banishment33 this will end in tears and/or a journey to the moon257 unamused16259 wingding eyes22326


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Monde de merde
I love how the two "this will end in…" tags are hilariously inaccurate, considering the situation acknowledged by the description.