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Sci-Twi Says : We're Not Superheroes


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Background Pony #05E0
Ok, I was wrong being angry at Sci-Twi and violence threatening her. She DID have the right to yell at Rainbow Dash that sentence. Rainbow Dash DID ruin a wholesome Spring Break vacation after all!…

Novice Brony
Your superpower, magical transformations, and constantly saving the world(ot at least, Canterlot City) magical threats say otherwise.

@Background Human
You're magical girls. Totally different.

Thought BG Human maybe right about you being Magical Girls, which are distinct from Superheroes.
Background Pony #F26B

Goku: what do you mean your not superheroes people are in danger in this ship they need your help twilight and I’m going to help you and your friends
Background Pony #2CDA
They are just ordinary girls who have saved the world from complete destruction multiple times.

Take from Equestria girls Spring Breakdown