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safe1709198 edit132796 edited screencap65381 editor:quoterific1896 screencap222561 fluttershy212962 sci-twi24338 sunset shimmer63150 twilight sparkle300677 equestria girls200847 equestria girls series33073 forgotten friendship5370 friendship games12639 legend of everfree8025 movie magic1026 rollercoaster of friendship2519 spring breakdown2702 star crossed229 stressed in show288 sunset's backstage pass!2474 the finals countdown163 the road less scheduled389 the road less scheduled: fluttershy176 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)14242 spoiler:eqg specials5284 armpits42977 beach14970 bowtie10162 camp everfree outfits1838 chalkboard2843 clothes460603 crossed arms5115 cute200227 cutie mark47798 cutie mark on clothes2466 female1365687 geode of telekinesis2940 glasses62062 jewelry63983 lidded eyes30803 magical geodes8878 messy hair960 music festival outfit720 necklace18850 night26423 offscreen character34275 one eye closed30860 one-piece swimsuit4446 open mouth146412 scared10469 shocked6998 shocked expression941 swimsuit28334 timer97 twiabetes11789 twilight being twilight13


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