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Due to the abundance of requests (that I don’t understand where they came from) my friends and I decided to publish the drawings from one of our animation memes “Soldier, Poet, King”.


Из-за обилия просьб (которые я вообще не понимаю откуда появились) я и мои друзья решили опубликовать рисунки из нашего предпоследнего анимационного мема "Солдат, Поэт, Король".

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic © Hasbro, Lauren Faust
Blooming Brush © Me
Drawin Gamer © Stuflox
Enderline © EndiDjPrime
Image details
Image size
3816x3008px 11.12 MB
Published: Oct 5, 2019
safe1709456 artist:sinderynaralex37 oc686460 oc only449779 oc:blooming brush5 oc:drawin gamer1 oc:enderline1 oc:hammer thought2 oc:sunday tulip2 earth pony249816 kirin8762 pegasus292932 pony970521 unicorn324666 cave3402 crystal empire2261 earth pony oc8437 female1365837 high res29826 horn67697 indoors3155 kirin oc1485 male373731 mare482080 night26425 night sky1800 pegasus oc11153 ponyville5868 sky14225 stallion109280 unicorn oc9151


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