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Finally I drew the CMC! Had a lot of fun with these three.

Applebloom is probably the most fit of the three, and the shortest, taking after her mother's stature. By looking at her, you wouldn't have ever thought that she's the mom of 8 kids huh? She loves to stay in shape- one of the main reasons being that she can't stand feeling heavy and sluggish, and she also needs to help her sister with the annual harvest. It's tradition! She also wears Goldie Delicious' shawl and the same pink hair bow from when she was a filly. She has bandages covering up scars on her legs after the encounter with the Chimera in the Flame Geyser Swamp. She is married to Pipsqueak.

Scootaloo is up next. Mother of three kids and a stunt performer, she uses her upgraded scooter to do sick tricks with her newfound team of skaters and use her still tiny wings to her advantage (they give her the right amount of wind speed to boost her when flapped). She's lanky and athletic, not to mention fluffy to boot, and has the rare appearance of tail feathers. Of course she gets scuffed every now and then, but she's always determined to get right back up! She is married to Rumble.

Finally, Sweetie Belle! She's tall like her dad and- even though she only has one kid- is definitely the most heavyset. She can't easily shake that mom weight (a trait passed down from Mama Cookie Crumbles), but it doesn't matter all that much to her. She's really quite happy with how she looks, even if she's chubby. She is a vocal instructor at the Ponyville Hall of Dance and Music (which is also where the new dance teacher, Tender Taps, also works) after many years of practicing with her own voice- after it was so weak and squeaky before, it is certainly more sweet and clear now, not to mention soft and charming. She is married to Button Mash.

The CMC is still around of course, on Wednesdays and Saturdays they all get together to that same clubhouse from way back when (which has become more professional in terms of keeping track of ponies they've helped and also possible new clients). These three are also one of the rare cases of ponies gaining cutie marks that are alike at the exact same time, though of course have their own individuality to their marks as well. They are still very close-knit friends like they were when they first met, and sometimes still act like those three giddy little fillies all over again.
safe1709453 artist:gingygin50 apple bloom49649 scootaloo51311 sweetie belle49089 earth pony249816 pegasus292930 pony970518 unicorn324664 absurd resolution66288 bandaid1872 coat markings4603 cutie mark crusaders19050 eyebrows5113 eyebrows visible through hair2191 feathered fetlocks574 female1365835 goldie delicious' shawl1 height difference657 hoof fluff1785 hoof wraps129 long feather84 looking at you169146 mare482080 older26814 older apple bloom2127 older cmc449 older scootaloo2054 older sweetie belle2357 shawl283 simple background394472 smiling249335 smiling at you3885 socks (coat markings)2677 trio9217 trio female1799 unshorn fetlocks25586 white background98194


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