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apparently its real

I`m more concerned about both Acid Storm and Knock Out being such, like where in the hell were *those* two confirmed? [/bq]
That actually comes from the IDW comics. See they introduced the idea that Transformers are genderless, cuz they're inorganic robots. They had no concept of gender so to them, there's no "Male" and "Female" just how they act/process data. They only adopted gender terms from contact with organic lifeforms.

Another, though this did not originate from the IDW, is that they reproduce differently from organics. They don't reproduce sexually, new Transformer life is created when the Well of Sparks periodically spews new "Sparks" or Transformer souls that are harvested and placed in protoform bodies. So Transformers form relationships solely based on who they love and want to spend their lives with, this is called "Conjux Endura," so there can be male-female, male-male, and female-female. No one would bat an eye, or optic, because that's normal for them.

So after a super long explanation, it's why Knockout and Acid Storm are "gay" even though they're not called such by other Transformers(cuz such a term does not exist for them)
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