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A pic made by my friend :icontheartfx2468: that i helped give her ideas for :3

Here we have humanised versions of her Headcanon versions for Spitfire and Fleetfoot the Wonderbolts

Her headcanons have Spitfire at 5ft7 tall, and she is Spitfire is Northern European-American, cis female and a lesbian :3
Meanwhile Fleetfooot is 5f6 1/2 and is Central Asian (Kazakhstan) non-binary, she/they, and a lesbian too

Both of them are in a relationship :3
safe1708575 artist:theartfox246847 fleetfoot2200 spitfire13454 human154848 abs11172 asian83 barefoot27610 belly button78050 clothes460376 crossed arms5111 feet39989 female1365046 fleetfire65 grin38624 headcanon in the description128 humanized100145 lesbian97114 lesbian pride flag277 midriff19344 nail polish7777 nonbinary359 nonbinary pride flag80 pants14581 pride1868 pride flag1466 reference sheet12581 shipping200482 simple background394159 smiling249072 sports bra3230 sweatpants350 tattoo5565 toenail polish764 tomboy1134 white background98084


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