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safe1708517 artist:bobthedalek931 dj pon-329273 octavia melody23783 vinyl scratch29274 oc685902 oc:mixed melody181 oc:octavia's mother194 earth pony249509 pony969603 unicorn324272 atg 2021424 betrayal520 calendar542 female1365015 glowing horn19692 horn67564 hug28315 magic73364 magic aura4177 mare481638 mother and child2388 mother and daughter5925 mothers gonna mother139 newbie artist training grounds6117 onomatopoeia4272 revenge849 smug6029 sweat26401 sweatdrop3204 telekinesis27779 the tables have turned84 this will end in intensive mothering9


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Barry Tone
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Christ's God: יהוה
>"this will end in intensive mothering" tag.

Hah. Appropriate, but I'm surprised it took this long to see that tag.

I see this is revenge for all those times Octavia just watched as Vinyl suffered, and Vinyl doesn't care if she might also be dragged into it. She has already accepted her fate Tavi, have you?