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Private Seance Call

Don't you just hate it when your mom interupts your private seances? These calls have a very limited coverage. Like once every Lunar alignment limitid.
Can't a girl have some privacy in her own room?

Flurry Heart lets Starburst in on how she knows about an event that was erased from existence.
(yes I finally get to explain the point behind thatimage of cosmic cosmos)

Starburst looked through the book again.




”My mom has several flavors.”


”Oh no! — Its not like we are in the EMPIRE or anything”

”Ceremonial knife?”

Flurry raised several ornate daggers into the air.

”What brand do you want?”

Starburst laughed at Flurry's remark.

”To think this stuff was actually supposed to be hard to come by.”

Flurry returned the laugh.

”Yeah, Well – Living in this castle has its privilages, that guy Sombra sure horded a lot of crazy stuff.”

Starburst flipped through the list of ingedients.

”Well – That can be found in any modern medical cabinet – Moondust, we can get from bath salt these days – As for the blood. Well. Do you know of anyone of royal alicorn lineage?”

Flutty smiled, and raised a sufficiently ornate knife from the pile.

”So – just a few drops each then?”

”Shall I get the band aid ready … Princess?” Star said with a smirk.

”Dont worry. You highness,” Flurry returned the smirk. ”I have some healing spells memorized.”

She said, as the tip of her horn begun to glow.

Starburst's smile whidened.

”Nah, cut out the magical crapp – I want the whole experience.”

She said, and rolled up her sleve.

”… and well. We might need some alicorn horn dust for this.”

Flurry sighed.

”I'll go grab the rasp”
safe1709442 artist:grimmyweirdy220 cosmos (character)513 princess flurry heart7282 oc686455 oc:starburst368 amulet1324 bad language20 blood24658 bloodbag1 book33539 candle4739 chalk551 clothes460674 horn67697 horn ring5586 jewelry64007 knife5343 magic73403 magic circle801 medical bag8 medicine203 mortar and pestle38 offspring39173 ouija board16 paintbrush1652 parent:flash sentry3014 parent:twilight sparkle8319 parents:flashlight2582 pay phone6 pentagram626 pills352 plate1708 princess emo heart103 prison outfit1075 ring3283 ritual178 robe3665 scp181 seance10 swearing743 vulgar20755


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I don't know why, but I love the idea of Alicorn stuff being this rare and powerful ritual ingredient, and the reader just reacting casually because they are one.
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I'd like to think the dress Cadence wants to offer is actually much better emo witch cosplay. At a certain age, the only thing worse than a parent who disapproves of your hobbies is one who wants to help.