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Original description:

Getting a treat after defeating an evil villain is the best prize ever!

Also hanging out in the comic world sound awesome after all. Can't miss it for sure.

Advice drawing by BenPictures1 from comment section. We were thinking of Power Ponies, but we forgot about it along the way, thank you for reminded us!
safe1751096 artist:twidasher241 masked matter-horn842 rainbow dash238618 twilight sparkle306226 zapp825 alicorn232971 pegasus309356 pony1011105 power ponies (episode)1898 season 42844 :p9462 city4398 cityscape671 female1402370 food73000 high res32837 ice cream5199 lesbian99301 magic75412 mare502422 moon24113 night27370 power ponies2781 shipping205709 signature26949 smiling261150 telekinesis28745 tongue out108310 twidash5343 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126209


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Background Pony #2B8C
Eine hervorragende Belohnung im Kampf gegen das Böse Iht Heldinnen 😄