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playing with a more cartoony style, must say it’s a lot of fun and i get drawings done relatively fast haha  
here’s some more canon lgbt rep, this time scootaloo’s aunts, aunt lofty and holiday! i was so excited to see this two wind up in the show, they’re super cute!! I
safe1949787 artist:wanderingpegasus297 aunt holiday370 auntie lofty332 scootaloo55199 earth pony352331 pegasus396733 pony1299943 aunt and niece553 blaze (coat marking)2625 blushing235369 cheek fluff7703 chest fluff52168 clothes551221 coat markings8739 colored wings9525 ear fluff40657 facial markings3820 female1582770 filly83202 freckles35823 happy37761 heart59978 hoof fluff2530 lesbian107750 lofty day82 looking at each other26999 mare606013 multicolored wings3844 open mouth193836 pale belly1743 raised hoof58764 scarf27945 shipping227520 smiling324581 socks (coat markings)5111 sweater17005 unshorn fetlocks35125 wings169881


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