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Pinkie, you didn’t even make crepes!
Useless trivia: the chef’s hat was traditionally made with 100 folds to represent the 100 ways you can make eggs. But I don’t think this method counts.
For those who don’t know, I draw Pinkie with a gold tooth as I feel earlier in life she’d eat tons of sweets to damage her teeth on purpose and pick that instead of a realistic filling for the “bling”.
safe1755538 artist:chopsticks617 gummy5135 pinkie pie220603 twilight sparkle306697 alicorn233669 alligator1151 earth pony268043 pony1015507 bowl1687 cake10108 cheek fluff5983 chef's hat718 chest fluff41444 comic111690 cute206294 dialogue68244 diapinkes10307 female1406266 food73241 gold tooth98 hat90727 high res33202 hoof hold8674 male389621 mare504443 mixing bowl140 morning ponies1465 pinkie being pinkie1322 text62492 trio9824 twiabetes12297 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126401 unshorn fetlocks27404


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