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Pinkie, you didn’t even make crepes!
Useless trivia: the chef’s hat was traditionally made with 100 folds to represent the 100 ways you can make eggs. But I don’t think this method counts.
For those who don’t know, I draw Pinkie with a gold tooth as I feel earlier in life she’d eat tons of sweets to damage her teeth on purpose and pick that instead of a realistic filling for the “bling”.
safe1767802 artist:chopsticks621 gummy5152 pinkie pie221688 twilight sparkle308179 alicorn235793 alligator1169 earth pony273567 pony1027721 bowl1705 cake10179 cheek fluff6094 chef's hat725 chest fluff42041 comic112297 cute207766 dialogue68882 diapinkes10374 female1416825 food74029 gold tooth99 hat91847 high res34370 hoof hold8793 male393403 mare509954 mixing bowl140 morning ponies1473 pinkie being pinkie1333 text63144 trio9978 twiabetes12363 twilight sparkle (alicorn)127038 unshorn fetlocks28116


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