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"yes, this is our new life. A beautiful view and my handsome husband, Han."

"Big thanks to Twilight's husband, Arya. For buying us tickets for trip to Indonesty (Indonesia). Now, we're having fun in different place… Not too far. Our baby was born, her name is Laura Dash. So, we're waiting for Twilight and Arya's children. Just a month left."

-Neo Dash

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safe1749673 artist:aryatheeditor291 rainbow dash238499 equestria girls206869 armpits43380 bare shoulders2833 beach15907 beautisexy933 breasts288515 busty rainbow dash8456 cute205604 equestria girls in real life307 female1401171 hair over one eye9324 indonesia428 irl71620 looking at you175535 multicolored hair5945 photo81459 rainbow hair2537 sexy30679 sleeveless4844 smiling260654 smiling at you5173 smug6256 smugdash743 solo1093870


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