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Their O.C. Bittersweet diapered and showing her Bisexuality pride. The pride diaper matches, even though it's rainbow.
suggestive148426 artist:lynnthenerdkitty396 oc712126 oc only465588 oc:bittersweet43 pegasus309259 pony1010821 bisexual pride flag513 bisexuality152 colored wings6535 diaper13838 diaper fetish10175 female1402185 fetish41707 flag4027 gradient wings813 high res32808 holding a flag102 mare502338 pegasus oc13092 poofy diaper4582 pride2059 pride flag1684 pride month495 solo1094573 solo female183688 wings123174


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Background Pony #643A
I'm bisexual so this is nice. Though I don't like the politicization of either sexuality or My Little Pony. I think that pride, if it wants government support, should include heterosexuals and people from all walks of life. BLM is not a sexuality.