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Prompt: Draw a pony in over their head/ Draw a pony biting off more than they can chew

This is so stupid lmao
I should stop.
safe1705424 artist:raphaeldavid107 sweetie belle49022 pony966625 unicorn322860 atg 2021315 cute199646 diasweetes2912 female1362136 filly66595 food70053 frog (hoof)12951 ice cream5017 magic73221 newbie artist training grounds5990 open mouth145631 solo1063490 this will end in brain freeze3 this will end in pain1946 underhoof52057


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Applebloom said something that upset Sweetie just before they went to get ice cream, so Sweetie ordered the strawberry flavor and is now angrily eating it while staring directly at Applebloom.