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Painted — a piece of my boyfriends Pegasus, Carbon being absolutely coated in cum <3

This is just a sketch so it’s not finished fully like my normal work!
explicit350070 artist:sursiq102 oc683756 oc only448204 oc:carbon23 pegasus291200 pony966205 balls76042 big balls9717 big penis10806 blue eyes5090 blushing197360 bukkake2893 chest fluff39077 covered in cum142 cum79171 cum everywhere859 cum in mouth10598 cum string917 cute199565 dark genitals11109 disembodied penis8073 dripping5449 dripping cum3210 erection14378 excessive cum3140 faceless male4204 facial8219 floppy ears52253 frog (hoof)12942 gay27544 glazed dick2722 group sex15395 horsecock68415 male372195 medial ring5746 nudity369618 offscreen character34102 one eye closed30644 penis153271 sheath2342 sitting63139 spread legs19055 spreading18902 stallion108606 threesome10325 underhoof52035 unshorn fetlocks25459 vein3736 vein bulge2886 veiny cock2378 watermark16146 wings107116


not provided yet


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