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Though the building was wrecked, it didn't look despoiled by looters who might have entered it unhindered for these long years. Despite the empty door frame, broken windows and a hole in the roof, all wasteland sounds were muffled here, making this dark room even more tranquil and inspiring unexpected trust.
A perfect place for a short rest…
Velvet Remedy dropped off her bags and lied down aside, giving all her attention to the memory ball she recently found, while Littlepip investigated a lonely skeleton by the very base of the Princess Luna statue. This pony wasn't murdered — at least, not instantly. It was like he spent his last minutes leaning against a pedestal.
"For the years of her rulership Luna has significantly increased Equestria power, earning her subjects awe and the enemies' fear", Steelhooves said. "Apparently, this pony, no matter how he died, has preferred to spend the rest of his life next to his beloved Princess, even consisting of a stone. Perhaps he even believed and hoped that She would come and rescue him and the others from that horror that befallen the world."
"Well, at least now he's with both of them", Littlepip answered, turning her gaze away from this sad scene for a moment.
The stone figure of the Princess menacingly loomed in the middle of the room, inspiring a respectful fear. It was seemingly protecting the pony and everything else in this room from any enemies' encroachments. Perhaps that was the reason all the contents remained so well-preserved, affected only by time, over which even the Goddesses had no control.
There was no magic about it — only the imposing authority of the one whose representation was this statue; a silent, but eloquent fragment of a distant past…
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