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safe1765687 cheerilee (g3)446 pinkie pie (g3)751 rainbow dash (g3)951 scootaloo (g3)335 starsong362 sweetie belle (g3)236 toola roola778 g36959 g3.51324 :34755 cheeribetes420 core seven79 cute207494 cutealoo2966 dashabetes9716 diabetes644 diapinkes10365 diasweetes3001 roolabetes36 starsawwwng9


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Background Pony #16B3
So adorable 🥰 star song cheerilee rainbow dash pinkie pie sweetie bell scootaloo g3.5 my little pony

I was expecting the comments to be blind rage (“OMG G3 GRRR I’M NAKED!”).  
It’s refreshing to see people appreciating these little adorable abominations for what they really are.