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safe1727903 screencap224464 fluttershy214975 equestria girls203279 equestria girls series33640 fluttershy's butterflies219 adorasexy9976 beautiful5680 beautisexy907 breasts283647 cropped49845 cute202996 female1382143 fluttershy's butterflies: applejack74 geode of fauna1875 hairpin1819 jewelry65766 lidded eyes31259 magical geodes9015 necklace19395 sexy30089 smiling254491 solo1078620


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Background Pony #AC12

Do a boobshot rainbow dash and fluttershy please and don’t delete them
Background Pony #013F
blushes hardcore Gosh darn it, Flutty! Every time you look at me with that look, I just can't take my eyes off of you! Something's telling me you secretly are confident enough to show your seductive side.

Fluttershy: I may be shy, but sure know how to be a blush trigger. bats her eyes, and giggles