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safe1922993 artist:yakovlev-vad564 princess luna107423 alicorn265181 pony1270517 :<1292 >:<28 angry31670 cereal639 cereal box84 chest fluff50732 comic sans1510 cross-popping veins2153 cute228920 female1557731 floppy ears62488 food84065 food bowl344 frown27456 glare8624 luna is not amused583 lunabetes3893 madorable899 mare589985 pet bowl39 pony pet951 s1 luna7875 sitting75668 solo1228233 spread wings71053 unamused19715 wings163739


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@Background Pony #18CE
I was being funny. I was sort of making a joke about being trapped in a sort of pet to owner type thing. I remember when I was a teenager I read a book called, “Help I am stuck in obedience school.” Basically a sort of experiment that went wrong and the main character is stuck in a dogs body.
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Background Pony #63EC
  • Switches to grumpiest pony dog chow *  
    There, happy… err grumpy?
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Background Pony #9F40
try putting it in the microwave for a few seconds
that makes it human food to her :3
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Background Pony #6C54
No, you really have to eat it all to reach the toy at the bottom of the box.
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