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safe1708577 artist:yakovlev-vad494 princess luna99202 alicorn224867 pony969633 :<1044 angry27269 cereal572 cereal box57 chest fluff39219 comic sans1448 cross-popping veins1637 cute200122 female1365047 floppy ears52401 food70237 food bowl320 frown22926 glare8235 luna is not amused466 lunabetes3552 madorable692 mare481652 pet bowl25 pony pet782 s1 luna7286 sitting63373 solo1065653 spread wings54814 unamused16259 wings107766


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@Background Pony #18CE

I was being funny. I was sort of making a joke about being trapped in a sort of pet to owner type thing. I remember when I was a teenager I read a book called, "Help I am stuck in obedience school." Basically a sort of experiment that went wrong and the main character is stuck in a dogs body.
Background Pony #9F40
try putting it in the microwave for a few seconds

that makes it human food to her :3
Background Pony #6C54
No, you really have to eat it all to reach the toy at the bottom of the box.