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This month and all year long we take #Pride in creating spaces and stories for Everypony, by Everypony. #PrideMonth

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Further thought from the folks at Quartz to simplofy my wordly ramblings

Is literalism killing our symbols? […]

Flags flap. Flags drape. Flags must be seen from a distance and from their opposite side. Under these circumstances, only simple designs make effective flags. Furthermore, complicated flags cost more to make, which often can limit how widely they are used. Most poor designs have the elements of a great flag in them—simplify them by focusing on a single symbol, a few colors, large shapes, and no lettering. Avoid the temptation to include a symbol for everybody. (emphasis added)

That last point is key. The rainbow flag’s meaning rests not in its individual colors but in the symbolism of the entire spectrum. Baker described the rainbow’s universal, all-embracing resonance best: “The rainbow came from earliest recorded history as a symbol of hope. In the Book of Genesis, it appeared as proof of a covenant between God and all living creatures. It was also found in Chinese, Egyptian and Native American history.” Adding more colors to the flag results in a weaker overall symbol that arguable promotes factionalism rather than solidarity—division instead of community.

"The rainbow flag “reboot” is a triumph for inclusiveness—and a design disaster", Anne Quito for Quartz, 12 June 2018
NB: My post is more about the new Pride flag, not the fact that they included the transexual colors in the word "Everypony" here
Background Pony #4622
@Background Pony #B494
Thinking back about it, you're right, i dont like the inclusions of the new colors in the pride flags ,it's not about the symbol ,it's purely about aesthetic. You already had the symbol of inclusion, the rainbow that is known as a prism of every color mixing together but oh no the brown and black color are not explicitly present so suddenly the rainbow is not inclusive enough ? Enjoy the symbolism of a motherfucking rainbow before splitting airs on a fucking non-issue. I'm a leftist myself and it's getting hard to deny the times wasted by the progressives over non-issues like the colors of the Pride flag or Cleveland Brown not being dubbed by a black actor
Background Pony #DDE9
kinda doesn't work cuz ponies don't really discriminate based on coat color
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@Background Pony #B494
The rainbow flag is often used as the LGBT umbrella flag, but it's not always considered to be that. It was originally designed to be a gay flag specifically, though it's viewed as broader these days. Essentially, the rainbow part of the flag represents the sexual and romantic attraction aspect of LGBT and the trans colors represent gender identity aspect. Adding them is specifically a direct response to a wave of queer people and queer supporting people who want to exclude trans people and go back to just being the LGB community (which did used to be the acronym some thirty years ago before the T was added).
Background Pony #B494
Isn't adding half of the trans pride flag to the LGB𝙏 pride flag kinda redundant?
Background Pony #E2F6
@Background Pony #E2F6
but there was not "straight white male embracing something girly" part for me

Yes,in a way you kinda did by watching the show IMO.Maybe i worded that uncorrectly since English is not my first language but what i meant by that is that by watching a show made for little girl, in a way you (consciously or unconsciously) accepted some (for a lack of a better word) girly part of yourself like all of us here. I dont mean by that that you eschewed all your masculine side btw or that you started to collect dolls or that you dedicated yourself entirely to feminism but you still accepted to watch a show about technicolor ponies without going all "ew gay".Such a thing would have been unthinkable 20 years earlier
Background Pony #EAFF
@Background Pony #E2F6
I grew up through all prejudice that I had thanks to a friend into this show, but there was not "straight white male embracing something girly" part for me, i like the show, but never saw beyond the friendship stuff, i understand people can find something i cant see in it, but MLP doesnt have to become tumblr nor twitter nor the fandom itself, nowdays a flag its a position and whaever color you choose there will always be people with other flag. its the human condition.
about the last part, personaly, sometimes if feels like i'm that minority without saying i am.
I hope this comment doesnt get delete, please?
Background Pony #E2F6
@Background Pony #EAFF
Yes ? That was never an issue, last gen ended up with Pinkie having a kid with Cheese Sandwich
I get the concern giving the nature of the brony fandom and our whole "straight white male embracing something girly" schtick,evidently that would give mixed messages if they went through a caricatural Tumblr-esque condemanation of "the straights" but that wont happen because (and i hope i'll shock nobody saying this) heterosexuality is not a persecuted minority
White-eyed vireo

Big Mare Index
Going from brown to baby-blue in any flag or color scheme should be considered a gross felony of design.
You can’t do that, it’s disgusting. I’ll accept black and that blue, but brown? It’s too warm to mix with that color. It’s black-brown-red for a reason.
Background Pony #E2F6
It will be interesting if they do have them as LGBTQ characters but not upfront about that, in the same manner that Katie Mitchell was presented in The Mitchells v the Machines.

Please let it be this.It's like that Key and Peele skit with the two gay guys,the flamboyant asshole and the subdued serious one, we should have gay characters that are not token caricature dont scream under every roof that "they take it up the ass, bright eyes uh uh (wrist flick)" IMO good representation came with dropping the Gay Pride leather fruit gimmick and being more like Mitch, the redheaded bulky guy in Paranorman
Background Pony #E2F6
Ah,very good ironic comm-
(see the duck badge)
(see description of the badge)
Oh nooooo….
that can't be good
Background Pony #E2F6
That being said,they are going into risky waters, i dont say it will happen but i have yet to see a cartoon handling transexual stuff in a non-cringy way (ie: that fucking non-binary token character that came totally out of left field in the last couples of Steven Universe episode that was clearly just here to say "FIRST! WE PUT A NONBINARY GUY FIRST!PAT US ON THE BACK)
Background Pony #E2F6
Ah, the proto European flag
Personal opinion but a cartoon about technicolor ponies who all are the best friends is probably not the most incongruous choice for shoehorning gay stuff. I mean think about it ,that's expected when people have been calling your IP "the most gayest shit on Earth" since the 80s