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I feel like I've been working on this off-and-on forever. I am posting it now in honor of Memorial Day weekend, which (depending on who you ask) is the official beginning of Swimsuit Season.

Due to cookie temptations, Sweetie Belle has failed to lose weight in time for the Memorial Day pool party. Now she has to hit the pool in her skimpy bikini with all her filly fat exposed, while Scootaloo and Apple Bloom show off their flat tummies. Poor Sweetie Belle. Maybe if she gets more serious about her diet, she can slim down in time for the 4th of July.

Sequel to https://www.deviantart.com/lordstormcaller/art/Filly-Fat-Remastered-873402533
suggestive145151 artist:lordstormcaller120 apple bloom50098 rarity183302 scootaloo51526 sweetie belle49316 earth pony255213 pegasus298389 unicorn330827 anthro263744 unguligrade anthro49114 comic:filly fat remastered2 armpits43143 ass49806 belly28872 belly button79175 big belly11609 bikini18444 breasts281839 busty apple bloom1768 busty rarity13088 busty scootaloo1226 busty sweetie belle2128 butt61700 calendar548 clothes465787 comic109948 cookie3712 cutie mark crusaders19142 daisy dukes1412 diet79 disappointed507 embarrassed11537 exercise694 fail1403 fat22312 female1378125 fetish40619 food71263 grabbing756 hot dog443 measuring tape1074 meat1906 memorial day15 onomatopoeia4375 overweight377 pool party79 sausage471 scale235 sequel76 shorts14201 siblings9011 sisters9061 sit-ups45 sound effects2183 stomach noise3240 sundae194 sweat26851 sweatdrop3282 sweating profusely379 sweetie belly221 swimming pool2756 swimsuit28748 weight gain4316 weight loss91


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