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Aftermath (with a story!)
Black Squeaky Alt
Hey! Discord just offered to help her get squeaky clean after a messy accident. Not his problem there was emphasis on the “squeaky”…
“Discord, for the last time, this is not funny! …Stop laughing!”
safe1878398 artist:severity-gray251 derpibooru exclusive31959 twilight sparkle322012 alicorn256599 latex pony313 original species29580 pony1224230 rubber pony212 absurd resolution69567 alternate hairstyle31516 angry30636 death stare257 eyeshadow20060 female1516199 latex14287 latex skin39 lidded eyes35690 makeup27629 mare566081 rubber2110 shiny3052 show accurate21540 simple background463018 solo1194995 spread wings66924 squeak246 transformation12769 transparent background232754 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133520 twilight sparkle is not amused1663 unamused18812 wings152862


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