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safe1753522 artist:chub-wub469 pinkie pie220473 twilight sparkle306516 alicorn233333 earth pony267099 pony1013122 absurd resolution67045 alternate hairstyle29137 blushing205056 boop7607 bubble berry1605 bubbleshine25 dusk shine2386 duskpie43 eyes closed98403 female1404442 flustered335 gay28680 grin41131 half r63 shipping2071 lesbian99388 male388904 mare503434 noseboop2921 open mouth155004 raised hoof48528 rule 6327520 shipping205997 simple background410119 smiling261961 sparkleberry25 stallion116092 straight140567 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126313 twinkie1826 white background102722


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Very cute stuff. Now I wanna see how Twilight and Spike would react to their genderbents.  
Perhaps Twilight thinks adult Spike is super handsome but hides it under a serious face? Who knows 😊