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safe1766865 artist:chub-wub501 pinkie pie221603 twilight sparkle308045 alicorn235603 earth pony273131 pony1026749 absurd resolution67559 alternate hairstyle29374 blushing206906 boop7672 bubble berry1629 bubbleshine25 dusk shine2394 duskpie44 eyes closed99687 female1415995 flustered338 gay28977 grin41762 half r63 shipping2089 lesbian99975 male393084 mare509556 noseboop2951 open mouth157578 raised hoof49199 rule 6327720 shipping207365 simple background414410 smiling265799 sparkleberry25 stallion118121 straight141474 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126973 twinkie1832 white background103973


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Very cute stuff. Now I wanna see how Twilight and Spike would react to their genderbents.  
Perhaps Twilight thinks adult Spike is super handsome but hides it under a serious face? Who knows 😊