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Edit I made of duop-quob 's gorgeous Twilight Sparkle hoof fetish art that I absolutely LOVED, where Twilight actually looks directly at YOU!
(oh, and also I added the text from the original and modified it a bit)

…Well, what are you waiting for? It seems unwise to keep her waiting~
suggestive148407 artist:duop-qoub518 edit135897 twilight sparkle306091 alicorn232885 descended twilight182 absurd resolution67007 both cutie marks10788 chest fluff41210 evil grin4598 female1401817 femdom8369 fetish41702 frog (hoof)13871 grin40922 hoof fetish2523 hoofbutt1355 looking at you175682 mare502163 offscreen character35729 pov14504 smiling260913 solo1094350 solo female183679 submissive pov1011 throne3237 twidom1129 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126193 twilight's castle4087 tyrant sparkle727 underhoof53830


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Background Pony #90ED
This actually looks odd to me compared to the original, because it implies you're eye-level with Twilight.
Now granted it does match the camera/POV angle, but in the original somehow it was easy to imagine she's looking at "you" the persective is 3rd person. This rules that out.

The idea that she treats everyone around her with respect and love but treats you without any. You can only watch as Twilight has the happiest moment with her friends and you can only dream of doing the same as you serve your princess. :P

I like to imagine this is just normal Twilight who still loves her friends and is a good pony. I'm just the only thing in Equestria she does this to. I don't know why but that feels a bit hotter. :P