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Version with glasses: >>2625282
suggestive148511 alternate version50021 artist:drawalaverr107 spike80584 twilight sparkle306505 alicorn233319 dragon58819 anthro270063 plantigrade anthro34735 ass51017 bed42430 book34610 boxers655 breasts289270 butt66238 clothes476888 crotch bulge4533 female1404372 foot massage103 grammar error1848 high res33103 horn78107 lying3795 magic75524 magic aura4671 male388881 mare503402 massage1125 panties51537 pillow18690 reading6436 shirt26260 socks68670 speech bubble24453 stocking feet952 stockings34275 telekinesis28796 text62346 thigh highs38252 twibutt5789 underwear62566 winged spike8556 wings123632


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