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safe1727771 edit134234 edited screencap66216 editor:quoterific2211 screencap224460 applejack171562 braeburn6351 donut joe793 fluttershy214962 gummy5104 gustave le grande240 lemon hearts2206 lucky breaks112 mulia mild125 pinkie pie218234 princess celestia95865 rarity183674 twilight sparkle303200 alicorn228623 alligator1122 donkey1908 earth pony256871 griffon27552 pegasus300275 pony987952 unicorn332635 a bird in the hoof710 a friend in deed811 castle sweet castle1346 every little thing she does950 hearthbreakers1215 mmmystery on the friendship express680 season 12318 season 21952 season 51600 season 6847 season 7759 season 91189 secrets and pies787 swarm of the century735 the ending of the end3228 the lost treasure of griffonstone1084 the return of harmony1739 the saddle row review1446 the summer sun setback1101 ^^379 applejack's hat7731 cake9945 cowboy hat16376 crown17495 cute202989 diapinkes10172 donut2069 eating9796 eyes closed95655 female1382044 food71543 friendship express447 hat88405 jewelry65758 male380448 mare491345 messy eating1208 nose in the air1311 open mouth149995 pancakes1361 pie3329 pinkie being pinkie1306 pinkie pie is best facemaker21 regalia20588 self ponidox8237 smiling254462 stallion112181 sugarcube corner2414 twilight's castle3997 unicorn twilight18168 volumetric mouth738 wall of tags3408


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