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Time lapse drawing video in source link.
safe1723520 artist:ikirunosindo62 sunset shimmer63660 demon3011 demon pony1351 pony983948 equestria girls202700 equestria girls (movie)7455 big tail107 black sclera2121 chest fluff39893 demon wings121 equestria girls ponified4332 fangs25899 female1378219 flying38679 glossy36 glowing eyes11298 gradient background12900 high res30871 hoof shoes5526 looking at you171500 mare489341 midair184 nightmare sunset22 ponified41502 race swap14416 raised hoof47373 smiling253352 solo1075772 stars15867 sunset satan1346 tattered97 tattered wings39 torn ear776 windswept mane2813 wings110682


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Background Pony #E6DA
Nice artwork of Sunset Shimmer in her evil form caused by the element of magic showing her inner not friendly true form.