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more like evil ladies with fangs xD
safe1902311 artist:chub-wub623 adagio dazzle14364 aria blaze10807 cosmos (character)567 cozy glow8533 daybreaker3282 nightmare moon18230 princess eris182 queen chrysalis38065 sonata dusk14756 alicorn261234 changeling55635 draconequus15794 pegasus375218 pony1249721 siren2395 idw17130 absurd resolution70062 antagonist2012 evil3354 evil grin5232 eye clipping through hair9885 eyebrows13160 eyebrows visible through hair6906 fangs31125 female1539237 filly79792 gem7462 grin49197 mare579493 open mouth184192 siren gem2215 smiling310179 the dazzlings4859


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Background Pony #9547
You got all of these massive scary horse monster women and then there’s Cozy at the bottom being scarier than all of them
Background Pony #C819
Where’s Principal Cinch, Rabia, Ira, Midnight Sparkle and Gaea Everfree? The real one I meant.
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