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safe1728010 edit134248 edited screencap66224 editor:quoterific2211 screencap224472 berry blend486 berry bliss488 citrine spark422 derpy hooves50484 discord31389 fire quacker421 huckleberry381 maud pie12631 mercury257 roseluck5147 sandbar5524 silverstream6225 spike79547 starlight glimmer49227 starry eyes (character)255 thorax4394 trixie68127 twilight sparkle303237 yona5176 alicorn228674 changedling8579 changeling48749 draconequus12252 dragon57550 earth pony256975 pony988236 unicorn332740 yak4688 a horse shoe-in1362 a matter of principals1110 all bottled up1451 every little thing she does950 no second prances1878 rock solid friendship1246 season 6830 season 7744 season 81146 season 91180 student counsel1262 the crystalling2186 the maud couple752 to where and back again2739 triple threat997 uncommon bond821 adorkable3558 cute203011 dork3836 eyes closed95674 female1382257 friendship express447 friendship student1732 grin39676 king thorax2933 laughing8155 magic74318 male380546 mare491478 nervous5782 nervous grin1117 nervous laugh100 offscreen character34976 open mouth150044 smiling254517 stallion112229 sugarcube corner2414 telekinesis28224 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124956 twilight's castle3999


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