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A recent moment from my anthro MLP dreamscape. In this setting Discord has bestowed upon Fluttershy some of his chaos magic. Over time she's learned how to manipulate the environment around her along with herself and others.

Recently Discord went out of town for several days with Spike and Big Mac to attend a Ogres & Oubliettes convention. One evening She experimented making herself a naga so she bond further with her pet python Squeezie.

So they spent an evening mutually hugging, squeezing, and cuddling each other.
suggestive148450 artist:baron engel2077 fluttershy217300 oc712355 oc:squeezie18 lamia2171 original species26603 pegasus309386 python119 snake2856 anthro269681 bedroom eyes61396 between breasts908 breasts288830 busty fluttershy17922 coils1174 female1402541 fluttersnake61 hug29144 lamiafied400 lamiashy42 looking at you175785 mare502502 simple background409388 species swap20683 white background102550


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Background Pony #F26A
The snake: "Something's different about you today, but I just can't quite put my scutes on it."