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"It's no surprise that Flurry Heart quickly became the people's favorite princess of the Crystal Empire. It was difficult to show up somepony as beloved as Princess Cadence, but with a spunky and youthful font of never ending energy, passion and love; Flurry Heart is well on her way to steal the hearts of the entirety of Equestria and beyond."

A remake of my original Flurry Heart card from Full Service Series 4, which is right here >>2258464

Lil Miss Jay is remaking all 24 of his cards from Full Service Playing Cards Series 4 with NSFW variants to attempt to re-raise the printing and shipping costs that were spent in a Covid-related emergency!

Whether it's crowdfunded or not, Jay is still doing all the work, and will eventually save up his own money to ship those decks, but this is to encourage new pre-orders of the physical playing card decks!

Click here for more info!
suggestive148407 artist:lil miss jay2524 princess flurry heart7501 alicorn232888 anthro269567 plantigrade anthro34636 full service playing cards291 belly button81251 breasts288700 busty princess flurry heart187 cleavage35641 clothes475977 eyelashes12320 female1401829 floating wings1241 horn77601 lipstick11639 older27798 older flurry heart1588 shoes38736 socks68562 solo1094352 solo female183680 thigh highs38184 wings123107


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