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Man, I really love this ship.
Zecora sat at the edge of the everfree forest. “It is so dark this night I see, yet I feel a bit-”
“lonely?” Zecora heard a voice behind her. She turned around to see Big Mac.
“Hello, my dear. How kind of you to meet me here.” She sighed.
“Is somethin’ wrong?”
“No, no, not at all. In fact, it is rather small.”
“Eeyup.” Big Mac shifted a tad uncomfortably, and sat down next to Zecora. “Ya mind?”
“No. What do you have there?” (Yeah, I couldn’t think for a rhyme there.) She peered to him.
“Oh, uhm-” Big Mac produced a small bouquet of flowers. “These.”
Zecora blushed profoundly. “I-I.” She cleared her throat- “For me?”
safe1972802 artist:gallantserver542 big macintosh31323 zecora10450 earth pony362096 pony1324820 zebra20981 alternate hairstyle33463 base used29548 blushing238882 bouquet1163 bouquet of flowers117 bracelet12770 ear piercing35679 earring27301 eyes closed120873 female1604595 flower32829 forest12824 freckles36547 interspecies27739 jewelry91391 macora126 male460338 man bun68 mare619041 neck rings1236 night32894 open mouth198079 piercing53561 shipping229902 sitting78726 stallion150406 story included11341 straight159706


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Background Pony #E388
Before black coffee, a scalding sip.  
I crossed an image of my ship.
Could this be? Is it true?  
Another ships Macora too?
Thank you, my shipmate brethren.  
I’ll go about my way then.
Filled with glee, I shout so gayly.  
Another reason to smile on the daily.