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Finally finished this
Took a day and a half
I added Nick because he loves this scene and works for ups
Im on a roll im not gonna stop now
This was a gift for
Knick Knack
Thanks for being a glorious friend ♡
This is not fanfic art idk why that tag is there
But there is a vopy of a fallout equestria book on the shelf
safe1752145 artist:brainiac1900 derpy hooves50798 rarity185720 spitfire13708 oc712648 oc:haymaker22 oc:knick knack90 oc:shotglass19 breezie2200 earth pony266556 pegasus309739 pony1012011 unicorn342941 fallout equestria17592 fanfic:anthropology101 best gift ever2438 book34578 boop7607 clothes476506 cute205879 digital painting523 fanfic art14961 female1403303 frog (hoof)13893 hat90498 horseshoes2288 implied breezie2 lineless4051 mailmare hat207 mailmare uniform82 male388513 mare502937 package378 post office263 poster5494 pun7684 scene interpretation8832 stallion115934 underhoof53805 uniform11172


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Background Pony #722B
great work but there’s a bit too much detail in the eyes, making them look kinda creepy

Hope Derpy didn’t boop Rarity too hard. Boops can hurt really bad with horseshoes if one’s not careful.
Also Breezies are being sold as pets? Hope that poor little Breezie is being sent to a kind pony too!
Background Pony #EE55
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Hash value is #55EE
In the show, it’s a warm boop, because it felt like using one’s palm to rub against the nose. In this picture, though, I can’t imagine how cold that boop would feel like…