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safe1949179 alternate version66766 artist:argigen289 fluttershy236079 rainbow dash257419 pegasus396504 pony1299391 rcf community5514 boop8429 chest fluff52140 chibi16375 cute232510 disembodied hoof237 female1582307 floppy ears63604 heart eyes22271 high res84370 mare605768 offscreen character43062 open mouth193753 shyabetes16717 simple background491841 solo focus22141 white background127176 wingding eyes29653


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Non-Fungible Trixie -
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Sunny Starscout fan
Oh okay then! Yeah, I have seen a few other brownies making that kind of joke in the past, so I shouldn’t be surprised 😅  
Regardless, I really don’t think Fluttershy minded the boop, since it came from her best friend 😛
Just Wayne
Elements of Harmony - Had an OC in the 2022 Community Collab

Umbreon is best Pokemon!
Dash no! You should ask permission before you boop a pony! I can see this kind of action from Discord but you?!