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suggestive145398 artist:raps195 princess celestia95785 princess luna99867 alicorn228337 pony986585 butt62109 cracks203 dock50848 door4022 doorway376 duo62801 duo female11428 eyes closed95542 featureless crotch6981 female1380683 large butt17237 larger female776 luna is not amused469 mare490579 moonbutt3474 plot80466 plot pair979 raspberry1026 royal sisters4526 scrunchy face7207 sibling rivalry160 siblings9054 sisters9089 size difference14598 smaller female171 snorting521 sunbutt4113 the ass was fat14015 tongue out105949


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Background Pony #4496
Buh. This dude is such a massive tease. He even made space for the lewd bits! Crevice and a slight dimple and then… nothing! But it's totally there! Luna's in particular — there is just enough of a cutaway on that shadow to mentally fill in a ponut.

I think it needs more research since I only see Luna smaller when she passes time with her sister, and taller when it's a normal situation I think.

Anyways we know is just her design on that episode because of the hair, or just a scale error thb.

Tiny Desk Luna since she's obviously smaller tan a sun
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Sunny Starscout fan
I know Luna is smaller than Celestia, but I don't think she is quite this small.
Regardless, this is a really fun image.