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Finally got my first Covid shot. Unrelated, here's a pony made of pure 5g energy :P
safe1705689 artist:badumsquish1964 derpibooru exclusive28374 oc684168 oc only448461 monster pony3434 original species25129 pony966836 5g2 5g pony1 blank flank7580 cranky and matilda's home2 female1362332 forest10173 high res29360 house2264 implied cranky doodle donkey7 implied matilda1 looking at you168489 mare480141 meme81878 ponified41128 pose5872 smiling248202 smug6013 solo1063667 translucent96


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Go fsck yourself
Good to hear, Badum! A word of advice for your second shot: have a really warm blanket handy, and take the next day off. This is the voice of experience! LoL Still glad I got both, though.
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Brass Melody
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Gas Loving Banana Boy
I mean then again it also coincided with an old 4G story about a cell tower being set up near an elementary school and the kids ending up with nausea and migraines as a result. But that's a different story for a different time.
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The new wireless transfer technology, now commonly used by conspiracy theorists as the source of COVID because early COVID hotspots coincided with the location of the first 5G transmitters. (While ignoring it simply being the most frequented places with the most people around). The 5G horse is some stupidity that came up recently, I really can't keep up with insane internet people.
And as usual, Badumsquish adorably ponified it .)
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