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safe1769987 edit138005 edited screencap68854 editor:quoterific2758 screencap231440 rose heart675 sci-twi25716 starlight768 starshine118 twilight sparkle308443 dance magic1646 do it for the ponygram!449 eqg summertime shorts3197 equestria girls209820 equestria girls series35761 forgotten friendship5743 i'm on a yacht833 mad twience200 my little shop of horrors160 school of rock143 spring breakdown2796 stressed in show407 stressed in show: fluttershy186 sunset's backstage pass!2567 text support231 text support: rarity42 the finals countdown168 twilight under the stars265 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)15062 spoiler:eqg specials5515 ^^483 all good (song)102 bowtie10887 cute208044 dance magic (song)83 eyes closed99987 female1418666 geode of telekinesis3269 glasses65805 jewelry70462 magical geodes10291 microphone5421 microphone stand129 music festival outfit797 necklace21234 open mouth158212 ponied up5361 ponytail19262 singing6633 sleeveless5100 smiling266801 smug6376 smuglight sparkle302 solo1108603 twiabetes12372 wings126859


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OP from the dA source who brought this, I don’t comment most of your works, but here because this one featured my best girl.
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