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safe1705941 edit132464 edited screencap65164 editor:quoterific1818 screencap222148 rose heart654 sci-twi24269 starlight757 twilight sparkle300297 dance magic1527 do it for the ponygram!419 eqg summertime shorts3143 equestria girls200348 equestria girls series32983 forgotten friendship5372 i'm on a yacht786 mad twience196 my little shop of horrors159 school of rock138 spring breakdown2691 stressed in show288 stressed in show: fluttershy161 sunset's backstage pass!2466 text support218 text support: rarity41 the finals countdown163 twilight under the stars237 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)14179 spoiler:eqg specials5285 ^^289 all good (song)101 bowtie10127 cute199727 dance magic (song)70 eyes closed93477 female1362619 geode of telekinesis2935 glasses61890 jewelry63597 magical geodes8850 microphone5042 microphone stand115 music festival outfit716 necklace18772 open mouth145744 ponied up5207 ponytail17879 singing6350 sleeveless4384 smiling248337 smug6017 smuglight sparkle294 solo1063870 twiabetes11744 wings107299


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