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This picture was commissioned by . The request was to turn Diamond into a llama/giraffe hybrid. They provided the following description:

Day 1: Diamond: "Whoa. *hiccup* This soda is really fizzy. *giggles*"

Day 2: Diamond: "Why are you looking at me like that?"
Apple Bloom: "You look a bit taller, that's all."
Diamond: "Some of us just develop faster than others."
Apple Bloom: "Well, enjoy the weather up there."

Day 3: Diamond: "Of course I'm normal. I just got a bit taller."
Silver: "You look like a giraffe."
Diamond: "Well, I'm part giraffe…"
Silver: "Since when?"

Day 4: Diamond: "Baaaa~ Whoops, sorry about that. I tend to baa when I'm happy"
Sweetie: "It's okay, Diamond, I think it's kind of cute."
Diamond: "Hmph, whatever."

Day 5: Diamond: "And mama was like- OW!"
Scootaloo: "Diamond, are you alright?"
Diamond: "Yeah I think so…"

Day 6: Diamond: "Heeey Scootaloo, has there always been like 3 of you and a floating carton of milk? *giggles*"
Scootaloo: "Alright girls, let's get Diamond home."
Applebloom: "I don't think her parents will be happy to see her like this."
Sweetie: "What if we found her some new parents? She looks kinda like Pinkamena and Flatterpie's Daughter"
safe1703936 artist:magerblutooth435 diamond tiara10210 earth pony247824 giraffe872 hybrid18732 llama154 pony965237 series:mlp transformed9 bleating3 bonk127 bottle4080 brown background767 bubble5234 circling stars447 commission68165 dizzy748 emanata87 faded cutie mark35 female1360761 filly66471 giraffied72 gritted teeth12203 growth5687 hiccup156 jewelry63399 llamafied26 long neck1018 mental shift116 milk carton69 onomatopoeia4240 open mouth145319 potion2150 raised leg7701 sheepish grin317 show accurate15489 simple background392546 species swap19688 story included8974 swirly eyes2465 tiara4017 tongue out103719 transformation10749 transformation sequence921 tree32179 tree branch973 vector76793 wide eyes17028 wool65


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