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Here's a meme of DC trying to make fun of us, vs Marvel trying to embrace us.
I don't hate DC, but when it comes to portraying us, Marvel reigns supreme. DC was basically the 70 year old teacher trying to be hip and cool, and Marvel was like the cool kid, who was actually hip and cool.
I also hope the tags aren't inaccurate, I'm kinda new to this-


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@Proof Positive
She's voiced Raven plenty of times outside Teen Titans Go. And I think she'd be pretty open to the idea of Brony Raven (You know how much she loves this fandom), and honestly, the whole Pega-sister thing fits Raven's character really well.

Crazy Deadpool is Deadpool, but Raven is in many ways the polar opposite to Twilight, despite being raised the exact same way, and, given she is the Avatar of Depression, they might understand each other more than they're own respective friends, almost like kindred spirits.

I could definitely see Raven canonically being a pega-sister. She's already a HUGE fan of Gossip Girl, so really, it's not too far a stretch

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